About Gjerstad

Health, Safety & Environment

Gjerstad AS is continuously working for good health and safety both within and outside the organisation. This is why new efforts are regularly put in place improving safety and reducing risks connected to our work. Our goal is to eliminate accidents and take any precautions necessary. If accidents should happen despite our efforts, we would take full responsibility and subsequently improve every part of our production. Our HSE programme is a guarantee for our employees as well as our customers. Staff welfare is extremely important to us. Our HSE programme is an important part of ensuring welfare, and together with other efforts it makes us at Gjerstad a team with a winner culture.
Gjerstad is manufacturing a wide selection of excavator buckets, but also quick couplers, lifts, rakes, blades, and similar tools for excavators, wheel loaders, and other heavy equipment. The Gjerstad bucket, with its solid design and perfect fit, has become a well known standard for quality. Through the last few years' expansion of our product portfolio, we've proven our ability to adapt and listen to the market demands. We intend to keep our position as the market leader! We deliver Rock Solid Solutions!
Gjerstad was founded by Kjetil Moe in 1964, under the name Gjerstad mek. Verksted. The company is now led by Moe's son, Tor Kjetilson Moe. Following a reorganization and renaming process, Gjerstad is now divided into sales unit Gjerstad Intera AS and production unit Gjerstad Production AS.


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