Warranty conditions

1. Warranty:
1.1.Gjerstad Products AS has a general guarantee of 12 months or 2000 hours. This excludes HK fasteners / tool fasteners that have a warranty period of 4000 hours or 2 years.
1.2.The guarantee expires when one of the criteria is reached.
1.3.The guarantee only applies to manufacturing or material defects.

2. Complaint:
2.1.Complaints must always be reported to Gjerstad before measures are implemented.
2.2. What is complained about must be reported / documented on a form available on Gjerstad's website: or E-mail can also be used if corresponding information requirements are met (production number, photos of problem, hours on product and customer and contact info.).
2.3. Gjerstad will possibly approve, after the necessary information has been sent from the customer / user. Gjerstad we then consider measures and time use for those who may need to correct errors.
2.4. In the event of a clear fulfillment of the warranty requirements, repair work with a cost limit of NOK 7,000 can. performed by a customer, without formal approval. The same requirements for documentation still apply: Product no., Hours, photos and customer.
2.5. Errors that have occurred must be rectified as soon as possible. Even if immediate action is not required, the error must be completed within 3 months at the latest.
2.6.The work performed must always be performed by qualified personnel. The person requesting personnel is responsible for the necessary qualifications of their respective repairers.
2.7. Completed report of work performed is sent to Gjerstad and any return of goods is agreed between Gjerstad and the customer.
2.8.All complaints are credited to the customer only after completion / approval of the complaint work. Any invoice related to parts and work performed must be received by Gjerstad no later than 2 months. after work performed.

3. Gjerstad covers:
3.1.Training expenses up to 100 km in total.
3.2. Hourly rates in accordance with Gjerstad's current rates. If overtime is to be used / invoiced, this must be agreed in advance.
3.3. Gjerstad's price list for dealers is the current price level related to spare parts.

4. Gjerstad does not cover:
4.1.Costs of consequential damages that may occur. Including operating losses, lost earnings, damage to other equipment or persons.

5. The guarantee does not apply to:
5.1.The use of the equipment is outside the recommendations of the instructions for use such as dead weight on mass, environment or that great carelessness has been shown in the work with the product.
5.2. The product has been rebuilt or repaired by persons without sufficient professional knowledge.
5.3. The product is used on machines / equipment that have weight, performance or speed beyond what is stated in the instructions for use.

6. Settlement / return shipment / general:
6.1. Defects or defects in goods must be submitted 14 days after the goods are received. If not, the right to return lapses.
6.2. The product that may be returned must be unused.
6.3.Customized products cannot be returned.
6.4.Any return must be referred to a written agreement with approved personnel at Gjerstad.
6.5. It can not be required to reverse the purchase, demand a price reduction or make other claims if Gjerstad repairs the product within a reasonable time.
6.6.Any deductions on the invoice to the customer are not accepted, as a complaint is processed which is a separate case and the accountant accordingly.
6.7.Shipping costs of return may be charged to the sender.

7. Disputes.
7.1.All disputes shall be settled by arbitration.
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