Gjerstad Mek. Verksted AS was founded by Kjetil Moe in 1964. He worked as a heavy equipment contractor and saw the need for improving the quality of the buckets that came with the construction equipment.

In the early days the business involved the manufacture and repair of its own buckets, but it soon turned its attention to other bucket manufacturers, too. This led equipment dealers to start purchasing buckets from Gjerstad for their new machines.



The small workshop was soon outgrown, and in 1967 Gjerstad moved into new, modern premises. This resulted in further growth, and Gjerstad buckets soon gained a name for themselves across Norway thanks to their high quality and good design. The product range was expanded, and in addition to buckets the company began manufacturing snow clearance equipment, side dumping buckets for tunnel loaders and equipment for handling stone blocks. For a while the company also manufactured a range of trailers for carrying construction machinery. Kjetil Moe also made contacts abroad, and exports came to account for a large proportion of sales.


1970- og 1980-tallet

The workshop was expanded numerous times in the 1970s and 80s, and in 1988 the company moved into a new, modern factory around 2 km from its original location. A sharp downturn in the construction industry led to difficult times for the company, with high capital costs and falling revenues.



The company continued to grow during the 1990s, attracting new customers and producing new and bigger equipment. In 1999 Kjetil Moe was killed while on a business trip to South Africa.

It was the family’s stated wish that the company should carry on as Kjetil wanted, and after a transitional period his son, Tor Kjetilson Moe, took over as Managing Director in 2004.



The years leading up to 2008 saw strong growth and extensive product development. Amongst other things, Gjerstad’s new shim-free reversible quick couplers became a big success, with sales doubling every year after their launch in 2005. The company’s turnover, workforce and profits continued to expand until 2007, which proved to be a record year.


In 2008 the construction industry once again went into decline, and Gjerstad spent the quiet spell developing even more new products, improving existing products and making market adjustments in partnership with its customers. The company also established a new production plant in Asia in order to meet the growing demand.


The Gjerstad brand is currently managed by Gjerstad Products AS in Norway. Gjerstad has also reinforced its position in the Scandinavian market. Swedish company Mowit was acquired and merged with Gjerstad in 2013. Gjerstad Product AB now offers a full product range in the Swedish market.


The company discontinued all production in Asia in 2015 and is once again manufacturing most of its excavator and wheel loader equipment in Scandinavia.



Our strategy is to continue to grow and to increase sales volumes for our core products while also seeking new products and markets. Close collaboration with manufacturers, steel suppliers and logistics partners will help ensure that Gjerstad remains the market leader.

Our customers continue to place daily demands on us, and our future success is dependent on us rising to the challenge. We know we can do this, because we are:

Rock Solid. Always.